What We Bring

The benefits and core competencies that Millennium Capital brings to our portfolio of businesses include:

We have an entrepreneurial orientation and we deliver results

The Millennium Capital team has first-hand experience in building start-up businesses, partnering with privately-owned SMEs to optimise their potential, and owning and managing mature businesses.

We're an investor in sync with customers, markets and technology

As an active, passionate and involved investor, Millennium Capital is at the forefront of defining global trends and growth potential in the sectors in which we invest. Our team knows great ideas when they see them, and we know how to grow demand from the markets and market segments that create greatest value.

We have strong and established relationships with financial institutions

We have a network of longstanding and trusting relationships with financial institutions based on our proven performance. We invest diligently, financial institutions know this, and they're there when we need them.

Ours is a great team

We have a 'hands on' approach to the businesses in which we invest. Our experienced and passionate team of professionals brings national and international experience across a broad range of disciplines that deliver value for our portfolio businesses.

We believe in partnership for long term value creation

We believe that successful partnerships are key to success. We approach our relationships with portfolio businesses as a partnership between our people and those of our investments. The result is a complimentary team of focused experts, playing to their strengths and single-mindedly pursing shared goals.

Unlocking +
growing value

Millennium Capital advises and supports its portfolio businesses in the following five practice areas:


We develop innovative business and investment strategies that exploit points-of-difference from the competition to deliver and sustain breakthrough performance.


We build analytical capability that delivers market and customer insights and an evidence-base for product and service propositions, pricing and investment.

Execution and Operations

We translate great strategy into great performance through process design and optimisation, technology deployment and innovation, supply chain and logistics management, and CRM.

Business Transformation

We partner to reverse the cycle of corporate decline for businesses in need of turnaround and recovery.

Leadership, Culture and Change

We develop better leaders and growing resilient teams capable of delivering superior performance and industry-leading returns in a culture of accountability.

We provide wrap-around consulting advice and support, both for our portfolio investment businesses and our advisory clients.

Focused, Committed
+ Connected

Across each practice area, we deploy specific expertise and a toolkit of proprietary strategies, processes and resources:

Strategic and Business Planning

We're strategy experts. We undertake external environmental analysis, we help businesses understand their internal basis of competitiveness and we work alongside portfolio businesses to evaluate strategic options, make strategic choices and implement new strategy.

Market and Marketing Strategy

We advise on and undertake, market, customer and competitor insight research, segmentation, targeting and positioning, brand management, innovation and new product development, pricing, channel management and integrated marketing communications. We also understand customer lifetime value and the importance of marketing metrics for measuring the impact of market and marketing investments.

Processes, Systems and Project Design and Optimisation

We know about making processes and systems work. From process strategy and design to process optimisation (flow and capacity management, planning, control and integration), we advise businesses on how best to transform inputs to outputs that meet customer needs.

Customer Relationship Management

We've designed and implemented CRM systems and end-to-end customer experience models for retail, B2B and telesales environments. We also advise on relationship management, customer service improvement and key account management.

Franchise Network Design and Management

Our team has proven success in conceiving franchise strategies that are aligned with business goals and in establishing, managing and optimising franchise networks.

Property Management

We have significant experience in retail real estate management and portfolio optimisation. We focus on improving performance through portfolio assessment, rental renegotiation, tenant replacement, lease termination and property disposition.

Supply Chain Management

Our people have a wealth of expertise in inventory management and distribution, product purchasing, pricing, indenting and supply chain logistics.

Sales Force and Business Development

We have built and managed successful sales forces in B2B, retail, promotional, merchandising and telesales environments.

At Millennium Capital, we tailor these services for each of our portfolio businesses and advisory clients. This means that for some investments / clients, we support them in an advisory and operational capacity in most or all of the eight areas described above. For others, we might advise in one or two key areas. Notwithstanding, our goal remains to collaborate to unlock and grow value.

Partnering to Grow
Exceptional Businesses