Our Philosophy

We know that the right mix of capital and capability is critical to unlocking and growing value. It’s for this reason that we target our investment focus to markets in which we have direct experience and a proven track record of success.

We're more than a generic source of investment capital. We combine capital with market insights, real-world expertise and specialised capability. We leverage the capabilities that reside inside our Group to complement the strengths of our portfolio businesses.

We're hands-on investors, and we believe that the best results can only be delivered by the best people. Our team comprises successful entrepreneurs and highly specialised senior executives with unparalleled experience across strategy, finance, technology, marketing, franchise and sales management, real estate and logistics. Our people have built SMEs, worked for Fortune 500 corporates and operated in the public and regulatory sectors. We work in partnership with our portfolio businesses to deliver superior performance and industry-leading returns.

It is precisely this combination of targeted focus and world-class expertise that sets us apart from other private equity firms. We're better able to develop innovative business and investment strategies, translate them into great performance and unlock and grow sustainable value. This is Millennium Capital.

"A commitment to growing
exceptional companies is at the
heart of our purpose."

Recognising +
Resourcing Opportunity