Investment Focus and Principles

Millennium Capital invests in telecommunications, technology and media businesses with an enterprise value of between NZ$500K and $10 million and an ambition to be more.

We’re proactively interested in target market segments and businesses that we believe represent growth opportunities within our investment focus sectors. Our approach is characterised by:

Investment in High Potential Businesses:

We’re interested in working with businesses that generate positive EBITDA or that can see a path to positive EBITDA given their unique customer value proposition within the market in which they operate. We know that achieving sustained positive earnings for SMEs is challenging because we’ve owned start-up and small to medium businesses. What we also know is that the right idea in the right market, combined with the right mix of capital and capability has great growth potential.

Investment for the Medium to Long Term:

We know that there’s no silver bullet for sustainable growth and continuously strong returns. We’ve seen companies focusing on short term costs at the expense of long term value, reducing overhead

without realigning their portfolio, and right-sizing their business without rethinking their customer offering. We’re interested in businesses that have a medium to long term outlook and a growth strategy to match, though they might be short on capital or the capability to get them there.

Extracting Value from Underperforming Assets: 

Unlocking value from under-valued or under-performing assets is one of our core strengths. We’re keen to work with businesses that are committed to getting a grip on where value really resides, businesses that are committed to delivering real value to their customers, and businesses that are willing to make the hard decisions to optimise the returns from their most important resource constraints.

Our strategy is simple - invest in
the best potential and partner for
industry-leading results.

Innovating with
Experience + Expertise